Indigo Employees: Want to Escape Your Non-Compete?

EARN’s new tactic enables you, together with one or more of your non-supervisory coworkers, to negotiate with Indigo together to eliminate your noncompetes under the protection of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

Join EARN-TIE now by filling out the form below, and read our Media Coverage and FAQ below.

Your signature and phone number are needed to meet NLRB electronic signature requirements (p. 5) . Your signature and contact info will be submitted to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), a U.S. Government agency responsible for protecting workers. Your name and contact info will be kept confidential by the NLRB and EARN, and will not disclosed to Indigo (see our Privacy Policy).

Media Coverage

The End of the Noncompete Clause – Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin  •  Abolishing Noncompetes — One Company at a Time – IEEE-USA InSight  •  Eliminating Noncompetes One Employer at a Time… – OnLabor  •  New York Times  •  BostInno   •  Computerworld  •  Financial Times non-compete agreement


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What is a non-compete agreement?
Are non-compete agreements really enforceable?
Who can join EARN-TIE?
Why are my signature and phone number needed?
How can forming a pop-up employee association help me get out of my non-compete agreement?
What does EARN have in common with established labor unions?
How could work actions limited to evenings or weekends be effective?
Can my employer take or threaten adverse actions against me for organizing a pop-up association with my colleagues at work?
Bonus question: What profession is exempt from non-compete agreements in the U.S.?

What Others are Saying about EARN and Non-Compete Agreements

IEEE‘s Worcester (Massachusetts) Section supports EARN’s efforts to reduce the burden of noncompetes on Massachusetts technology professionals. Noncompete agreements lower the Massachusetts technology workforce’s ability to respond to changing market conditions, and thereby reduce the flexibility and competitiveness of the Bay State’s economy. These agreements can have a chilling effect on individual professionals’ ability to pursue careers they have studied hard and invested to achieve. A one year noncompete is equally damaging as it makes it impossible to maintain career continuity or to pursue a bona fide offer in a similar field. We would support specific intellectual property exclusions to protect corporate trade secrets rather than blanket restrictions on responsible professionals.” – C. Vernon Gaw, Chair, Worcester County Section, IEEE

“We applaud EARN’s efforts to negotiate to eliminate the noncompete agreements in its members’ employment contracts. We’ve offered our advice to help make this new model for negotiating noncompetes successful.” – Greg Junemann, President, IFPTE