Privacy Policy

Your personally identifiable information will only be shared as required to meet the NLRB’s requirements for authorizing an organization to negotiate on behalf of employees represented by EARN, and to communicate with you. Access to your signature is limited to the EARN team members essential for storing and forwarding it to meet NLRB requirements.

SSL/TLS encryption is used to securely transmit petition form submissions. However some employers monitor SSL/TLS traffic, so your form submission might be intercepted if you use your company’s intranet. If your company does this, you may prefer to turn off wifi on your personal device and use your mobile data connection before submitting your signature from work, or submit your form when you’re not connected to your employer’s network.

This privacy policy may be updated to reflect new information. We will notify you and give you a chance to opt out before we make any changes to this policy that change how your personal information is handled by us.

To protect your privacy, this site does not use Google Analytics or install third party cookies.